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Re: 3 layer gum on Masa affixed to Yupo

Hi Loris,

Looks like Yupo + adhesive is the way to go with Masa, if registration is desired. In my experience, Masa on which a cyano pass has been done and is gelatin-sized, shrinks uniformly by about 2 mm per 9 x 10.75" paper.

I just learned that there are 3 types of 3M Photomount spray. One is a 'regular', another is a 'reconditioner' which takes long to dry, and a third one is the most expensive. Could you possibly provide details of the label of the 3M you have used?

Thank you! Rajul

On 31-Aug-07, at 5:45 AM, Loris Medici wrote:

Hi all,

This is my very first finalized gum print - so don't be too harsh ;)

Affixing Masa to Yupo using 3M Photo Mount spray adhesive worked well for me;
a) No more registration problems - thanks to the stable base, I can perfectly register the negative while doing multi-layer prints. I couldn't manage this before affixing the paper to a stable base.
b) From now on, I can make a 3 layer gum print in less than 2 hours...

Here's the print:

Tonality and subtlety is poor compared to Artistico. But this combo surely works when you're in pursuit of this particular look and/or you prefer to work quick. (Please note that this is a fairly small print; only ~ 6x9"...)

This image consists of three layers:
1. Ivory black, 10% Ammonium Dichromate, 2:22
2. Yellow raw ochre, 10% Ammonium Dichromate, 3:00 (This is a mixture of PY42 + PY43, I guess I will put this as the first layer since I didn't like it on top of neutral gray/black...)
3. Ivory black + process cyan, 5% Ammonium Dichromate, 1:55

Will also try to print this over with a Cyanotype first-layer.

The actual image is cooler and less grainy compared to the scan - calibration and interpolation problems. It's an OK reproduction...