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Re: 3 layer gum on Masa affixed to Yupo

Thanks Loris.

I got a can that reads "3m Adhesif PhotoMount"; both cap and label are black, and on the cap it states"New Package! same product". I will see if it works, if not, the supplier has agreed to take it back (it is 2.5 times the price displayed on the internet).

I was sorry to learn that sizing Masa did not work for you. I do not have Artistico to compare with Masa using the same neg., but after I check out lack of shrinkage of Masa + Yupo, I will do a comparison with Stonehenge.

The jpegs I sent you were done as follows: first a trad. cyano using 2A + 1B, developed in 1:5 vinegar:water, followed by a water wash. The dried, 1-2 day-old print is gelatin sized (4% gelatin hardened with HCHO). Then follow gum passes, which are developed (w or w-out brushing) for 10' each in 3 successive water baths. Development is either done following each gum pass or at the end of 2 or 3 passes.


On 1-Sep-07, at 3:43 PM, Loris Medici wrote:

Hi Rajul,

I don't know which one it is. The label says: "3M Photo Mount(tm)", the color of both label and the cap is red. The product is "Made in EU", maybe there's a different product line in the States...

Hope this helps,

Quoting Rajul <eyeear@telus.net>:

Hi Loris,

Looks like Yupo + adhesive is the way to go with Masa, if registration
is desired. In my experience, Masa on which a cyano pass has been done
and is gelatin-sized, shrinks uniformly by about 2 mm per 9 x 10.75"

I just learned that there are 3 types of 3M Photomount spray. One is a
'regular', another is a 'reconditioner' which takes long to dry, and a
third one is the most expensive. Could you possibly provide details of
the label of the 3M you have used?

Thank you! Rajul