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Re: Gum Negs: CMYK, RGB or "Spot" Colour - thelink...!!!

Why these are so successful to me is that you have achieved the FEELING of Venice and stucco in your prints with the way you have used texture and color and development.

I am so ''overwhelmed'', with your creations that I feel like giving up with ''alt phot'', altogether, and going back to impressionist style oil colour painting of which your work reminds me.

Thank you, Chris and John.
As a trueborn Venetian, I know how much has been painted and photographed about Venice, and how difficult it is to make something different and even so remaining in the main wave of the ancient and modern landscapists.
My pages are just now updated with a resinotypes portfolio of a different mood ("campielli" and courtyards, often without the sun and mossy).