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Re: Ebay problem?

Thanks all for the concern that I might be fooled by false
messages that originated outside ebay. This is not the case.

I have been on the internet for almost 20 years (YES I am a
geek) and I saw it growing from a small community of good
citizens to a global mass of all sorts of things. For example,
when we talk about april fool joke, most people recall things
like big ben going digital to keep up with the time and the
hands are being auctioned (it was in 80s on BBC) but my
favorite joke is that Kremlin was connected to the internet to
have free dialogue with the Europeans and Americals. (It
originated from a humorous alter ego of Chernenko in the
Netherlands and went on the USENET... A lot of computer geeks
back then took this hoax very seriously. Google kremvax and
moskvax together to find more about this.) I'm not that naive
about these internet frauds, old or new. The emails I showed
in my previous posts originated from ebay and the identical
messages appear when I log in to ebay, I have exchanged one
round of dialogue with ebay after singing in the site using
their messaging system, and in fact my account is suspended
and I can't even see or change my contact info. People, this
is real, and that is why I'm posting it here. I hate to stir
people up with false info.

Ryuji Suzuki

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