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Ebay problem?

Hello all,

This posting is about my current difficulty with communicating
with ebay. The reason I bring this here is because a lot of us
rely on very obsolete and sometimes obscure equipment and
parts, and ebay is an important channel to trade such items. 

I have heard of all sorts of troubles related to dealing with
ebay themselves (not the sellers/buyers on ebay) but this is
something I never realized until I had problems on my
account. For those curious, if you google, you can find
endless number of anti-ebay websites describing all sorts of
troubles they had with ebay. I don't need to be another of
those, so I keep this to a factual summary.

I made my ebay account many years ago, in late 1990s. I have
used only one account and have sold/bought about 20 times
total since then. I have a very low activity level on ebay,
and my most recent activity is already many months ago.

Out of the blue, I have this email from e-bay:

> Dear RS(my ebay handle here) (my ebay email address here),
> Your eBay account has been suspended because our records
> indicate that it is associated with the following currently
> suspended account:
> XYZ (someone else's ebay handle that I've never had anything
> to do with)
> To review the eBay Previously Suspended Users policy, please go to:
> http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/rfe-previously-suspended.html
> ***During Your Suspension***
> - You are not permitted to use eBay in any way. This
>   includes using another existing account, registering a new
>   account, or using any eBay services under any
>   name. Accounts or User IDs that are associated with your
>   account may also be suspended.
> - Any outstanding seller fees are due immediately. eBay will
>   charge any amounts that you have not already disputed to
>   the billing method that is currently on file.
> Sincerely,
> eBay Trust & Safety

This is unacceptable, since I do not know ANYTHING about the
user XYZ above, never traded with them, or saw anything about
them (until I googled this username after seeing this
email). I wrote back, telling that this appears to be an error
in their investigation, and I requested more careful
evaluation of whatever they have gathered. They replied with
another automated message:

From: eBay Customer Support <rswebhelp@ebay.com>
Subject: (a number) Your recent email to eBay's Trust and
Safety Department (another number)

> Dear Ryuji,
> Thank you for writing eBay in regard to your account
> suspension.
> We value your concerns and have reviewed your account
> again. However, though we understand that you may not agree
> with our decision, your account will remain closed
> indefinitely.
> Your account was found to have the same or similar contact
> information (such as: address, telephone number, name, etc.)
> as the account that you were found to be associated
> with. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot give out the actual
> address, phone number, name, etc. that was found to be the
> same or similar.
> To protect the integrity of our site, eBay does not permit
> suspended users to re-register with eBay, or use eBay's
> services under any account name.
> eBay reserves the right to suspend new accounts opened by
> anyone in the same household of a suspended user, or by any
> other associates of a suspended user. Based on our records,
> the information you provided to us matches that of a
> previously suspended user.
> Thank you for your time.
> Sincerely,
> Kit
> eBay Customer Support

I don't know what to say. This is complete nonsense and they
just took up my ebay account for no reason. Furthermore, they
argue that they will remove any other account if I create one.

Is this a common problem among this community? Is it a
recent trend for ebay to close innocuous and harmless accounts
for no good reason (and reasons that they cannot describe)?

P.S. I guess people may respond with all sorts of comments,
which I would appreciate, but I will reply only on the portion
that I think is of interest to photographers who use ebay to
trade items.
Ryuji Suzuki