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RE: Ebay problem?

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier given the number of folks who just can't
possibly believe it's anything other than phishing.  The fact of the matter
is that this kind of thing happens all the time - I'm an on again off again
powerseller which means I have on again off again access to the powerseller
forum on eBay.  Many of these guys have multiple selling accounts (because
they sell more than one kind of thing) and they have constant problems with
eBay - as an example they'll kill an account for shill bidding, and it will
turn out that it's because somebody at their workplace bid on their item,
and everybody at the same workplace has the same IP address.  When the
workplace is a major corporation this happens more often than you might

There was one convoluted thread recently where somebody's ex-wife new
boyfriend had some problems, but there was a chain of association where all
of their accounts were deemed to be the same person by eBay. 

To divert to a later reply for a moment - I'm not at all surprised that the
one person got suspended for Nazi stuff - it's illegal to sell in Germany
and after various lawsuits eBay just banned them from the site entirely.
Basically eBay rules are a combination of the least common denominator of
what's legal in every country they operate in combined with some politics
(they're incredibly anti-second amendment - Google if you're interested, no
point in discussing that here).

I actually had my account suspended for selling "mature items" even though
they were clearly allowed by eBay rules.  I challenged it and got basically
the same form letter - we're reviewed it and you're out of luck.  But before
I even received the suspension I'd already challenged the items being
removed which led to having enough points to be suspended.  Well, *those
guys* found that the pictures were clearly allowed, and the points were
removed, and it automatically percolated through the system and the account
came back.  But there was only about a two hour window in which to do that -
I couldn't have once the account was suspended.

Note that even though eBay did put my account back, I had to recreate all
250 items in the store, and they'd sent a nasty note to everybody who was
bidding on or who had recently won an item saying I'd been suspended.  Some
of them were regulars who never did come back.  I couldn't even log in to
see where I was supposed to send items that had already been paid for -
luckily I had my own records.

Oh, and I had a problem on another selling account because I tried to sell a
packet of southwest airlines drink coupons.  You can't sell alcohol on eBay
unless it's in a collectable bottle, and you can't sell a coupon for
anything that's forbidden.  Therefore you can't sell drink coupons.  But it
never says you can't sell drink coupons, you just have to know how these two
rules interact.

In terms of calling them, you have to be a "silver Powerseller" or above to
get phone support - I think that's $3K/month of sales.  I've heard of some
folks who had luck looking up their investor relation information and
sending a letter to the CEO and other important folks in the company, but
it's mixed, many people never hear back.


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