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Re: Beware Alibris was Beware of Amazon.com

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Alibris lies when it comes to shipping time. I ordered something in late
November for Xmas and, because I paid for "priority shipping", they promised
two week shipping time. I received the book around Jan 15th. Needless to
say I was a bit embarrassed regarding the Xmas gift. I downloaded a jpeg of
the cover, printed it, taped it to the cover of my copy of Jansen's Art
History, wrapped it, put it under the tree, and gave a full explanation on
Xmas morning. They DO access rare books at reasonable prices...as long as
you have a LONG time to wait for shipping.

Well, again alibris is a bunch of independant dealers and shipping depends on which one you get. I've ordered several books from them and all arrived on time, a couple faster than promised. If you paid extra for expidited shipping and didn't get it you should complain.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA