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Why Use Photo Alt Processes?

Relevant To Hellena's posting,
I have often been asked by ''straight'' users of cameras why I am interested in anything else other than a means of making excellent images on paper or, indeed, a monitor screen with modern digital technology.
             A very personal question, to be sure, and not easy to answer in a general way. I usually dodge the question by saying its something to keep me amused in my retirement, and leave it at that.
              But thinking deeper I realize that today, more than ever before, people are enticed by programmes such as Adobe Photo Shop etc., to change the results of their snaps into ''alternative'' images basically emulating, by electronic means the chemical results, and much more, achieved by photographers over several years into the past of photographic history. The creators of Adobe P.S. guessed that, given  easily accessible means people may, especially in the commercial world of advertising, welcome being able to manipulate straight  images in a ''creative'' way.  Nevertheless, I feel that the old ways offer results which cannot be copied by other means ( a challenge there ! ! )
                Serendipity can produce a desirable and unexpected result not envisaged  when first taking  a subject image with the camera lens. The actual work involved in modifying the image is very satisfying whatever process is employed whether digital or otherwise.
                ''Alternatively'', some old processes are supposed to confer greater archival properties to pictures if this is of any particular importance.
                 The above still leaves the questions; what subjects suit specific processes?
Or, why use a particular process for a certain subject ?
                   Everyone will have their own ideas about this. I am also a painter using traditional materials and some ''alternative'' ones, too
Good luck with whatever you are doing. Live and let live.
                         Off my soapbox.
Quirky John - Photographist - London - UK.