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Re: my first two gum prints

On Mon, 17 Sep 2007, zphoto@montana.net wrote:

You should entere the Sister one in shows--what I call a
"portfolio piece".  It is a really excellent image.  I can't
figure out what is going on there!  So funny.

It seems a little strongly yellow to me on my monitor--what
yellow pigment are you using?  If it is Rowney Yellow PY138,
cut it wayyyyy down.  If it is azo or another, cut it down,
too, but Rowney I have to dilute the most or otherwise it
gets clown yellow.  But it could be my monitor.

We have here I think a question of esthetics... It also looked quite yellow on my monitor, but, on the theory that the point is an expressive statement, rather than a perfectly "balanced" display, I found that to be part of its charm. Could be the effect of sunlight (it's outdoors) or some other sign of mood, but my hunch is that better "balance" would diminish the charm, the light and airy, almost *ethereal* appeal of the background figures..

In a class crit, teacher could assign a more "balanced" print & then "discussion." (We also don't know what was in the original.) But I myself vote for the print as is-- whether intentional or happy accident, whichever.