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Re: my first two gum prints

You should entere the Sister one in shows--what I call a
"portfolio piece".  It is a really excellent image.  I can't
figure out what is going on there!  So funny.

It seems a little strongly yellow to me on my monitor--what
yellow pigment are you using?  If it is Rowney Yellow PY138,
cut it wayyyyy down.  If it is azo or another, cut it down,
too, but Rowney I have to dilute the most or otherwise it
gets clown yellow.  But it could be my monitor. 

Anytime you get too strong one color, take its opposite and
do a thin coat of that on top.  I learned that in painting
classes, but for some reason never applied it to gum until
it was emphasized for me in Marek Matusz' gum prints I saw
in Houston a year ago.

For instance, this might need a thin coat of blueish red to
add both warmth and to tone down the yellow (ultramarine
with a drop of magenta).  Or, you might do a light magenta
coat first and then do a blue overtop. Watch that whatever
you choose is transparent over those darks.

If you are not getting detail in your highlights your curve
is too drastic.  But you could always cheat instead of doing
new curves and use a very lightly pigmented coat of the
color and a longer exposure to get those details in the
highlights with the same negative.  That's the nice thing
about gum is there is always tweaking that can be done with
resources at hand. I can't tell from the picture which color
is not being printed in the hat, but there is no reason not
to have complete detail in the highlights of an image if it
is there in the original image.  Don't burn the original
image--"adjust your curve" either by printing a new neg or
using the existing one and lessening your pigment and
increasing your exposure.  The image should look good on
screen and then the curve will make it fit.

How exciting for me to see you do such great gums your FIRST
TIME!!!!  But the images are also what is so wonderful about

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>     You may see my first two gum prints at 
>    This is a pretty unsophisticated site--no flash, no
>java, just cookbook  html and hopfully fairly quick to
>    I would appreciate any advice, but especially what to
>do about the total  lack of texture in the woman's hat and
>sleeve.  Do you think my curves need  adjusting?  Should I
>go back to the orginal, burn in the hat and reprint the 
>    By the way, this is three color, unsized Fabriano
>Aristico. Thanks,
>Charles   Portland OR 

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