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RE: 3200 SHEET FILM? was Re: Ilford developers

	Thanks for the reply.  I never thought about leaky film holders.
3200 is three stops faster than 400.  It would make sense to spend a few
sheets testing holders.  As you say, we photographers should be able to deal
with that.  Can you imagine what you could do with those three extra stops
in 8X10 or even 5X7?  The really large format folks (11X14 and up) would
love it even more.
	Are you on the Large Format Forum?  If so, might you post the
question to them?  They would be a natural market for 8X10 or larger 3200
speed film.  As Richard Knoppow pointed out, Ilford won't stock and sell it
if there isn't any market.

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Hey Bob,

Good question. Years ago I asked a Kodak rep about that (and you know 
their reputation for farsightedness) and, if memory serves, he said 
something about fog concerns with leaky film holders and such. Seems 
like that shouldn't be their concern as much as the photographer's.

I never shot the Delta 3200 but I loved the tonal characteristics of 
Kodak's TMZ film at EI 800. Wonderful toe and shoulder behavior.


BOB KISS wrote on 9/14/07, 2:43 PM:

 >     I have always wondered why neither Kodak nor Ilford have sold their
 > 3200 speed films as sheet films.  Where else would one really LOVE the
 > speed
 > and not care as much about the grain?  Don't you find that curious?
 >     I lust after Delta 3200 in 8X10.  Can you imagine that speed?  Even
 > after filter factors and/or bellow factors you could use a high F# and
 > not
 > have to expose for seconds!
 >     Anyone know anyone at those places?  Maybe we could induce them to
 > make some in those sizes?
 >         CHEERS!
 >             BOB



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