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I agree with Charles about having to magnify the pages for Magnachrom. They (Magnachrom) should take a look at how Brooks Jensen is presenting work in Lenswork Extended. LWE is distributed on DVD to their subscribers and is lcompsoed in a very readable PDF formated document, not to mention the audio and video clips. I always look forward each issue of LW and LWE.


I do think Magnachrom is a pretty good deal though, well worth the price of registration, and I also think it will continue to evolve in response to the feedback readers provide.


Don Bryant


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> Folks,
> I went through the legal stuff without reading much, filled out the
> other form, got my password accepted and downloaded the--drum beat--
> 19+ megabyte file--not for the faint of heart or the dial-up modem.
> What I got was a long series of pdf pages which I had to magnify to
> read. Slow going. I skimed down to Chris's work and read it with some
> care. It is an excellent summary for the non-initiate but holds no info for
> the practitioner. I did enjoy her excellently reproduced photos.
> Magnachrome is not presented in a way that makes it attractive to me,
> though others might not be as put off.
> Charles Portland Oregon