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Re: Silver Gelatin emulsion peeling from Cranes Diploma

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Subject: Silver Gelatin emulsion peeling from Cranes Diploma

Hi I've just started work on hand applied silver gelatin emulsion on Cranes Diploma Parchment, I used a corn starch sizer as described in

You may find some information on the archived web pages from Ryuji Suzuki's web site at Silvergrain org. Try Google. The site was destroyed but much of the information remains in variious archive sites.
Commercial silver-gelatin printing paper is sized in various ways. The usual method is to coat the paper with a substrate of hard gelatin with the reflective material in suspension. However, there is more to it than this. Kodak and others used to make paper which could be folded without breaking. This had some other type of sizing, I don't know how this was done. In any case I am under the impression from what I've read that your problem is not unusual. Ryuji does sometimes read this list and may respond. I know he has experimented, with some success, with making his own emulsions and coating them.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA