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Re: Rubbing alcohol = Isopropyl alcohol? Acetic acid?


Rubbing Alcohol here in The States is usually Isopropyl. My suggestion would be to see if you can get 99% Isopropyl and then dilute as needed. I buy it at a local supermarket here in Alaska for about 1 dollar (US).

There is a reasonable description of Acetic Acid at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetic_acid 28% Acetic is not the same as Glacial. Glacial is about 99%. Some formulas for stop-baths call for making a "stock solution" of a lower dilution (such as 28%) which is then diluted further to make a "working solution."

-greg schmitz

Ross Chambers wrote:
Dear helpful folks,

I'm sizing up (pardon the possible pun) the logistics of attempting albumen

My reference is Mike Robinson's article in John Barnier's book.

My local phamacist would have to order in a litre of Isopropyl Alcohol 70%,
but has 250ml containers of "Rubbing Alcohol" Are these the same? Intended
use: to harden the first albumen coat.

And is 28% Acetic Acid the same as Glacial Acetic Acid?

My usual chemistry supplier via their Sydney branch won't normally ship
volatile acids from their Mebourne chemistry store, but at least they know
what the use is. Other more local suppliers don't always understand what
they consider unorthodox uses and it helps to know what ask for.

Thanks - Ross ===========================
Ross Chambers
Blue Mountains New South Wales