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(1) Gum over Cyanotype on sized Masa paper (rough side) - (2) Pigmentthat makes gum insoluble w/o exposure?

Thanks Rayul. I tried the rough side (sized) and it works like a charm -
very clean whites. Since I started to print on the smooth size, I was
forcing that -> never thought to go back to the rough side. Both
Cyanotype and gum are sharp and nice on the rough side - when sized. I
also established a protocol in which I don't experience much
registration problems...

Actually I was planning to post the result but I ruined the print in the
last (Schmincke Ruby Red - single pigment; Quinacridone Red PV19) layer
-> the paint doesn't like to dissolve much - grrrr. Are there watercolor
paints (in tubes) that make gum insoluble without exposure? (I know this
is possible with gelatin / carbon printing...)


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I have consistently printed on the rough side. I do not regret the 
I will do a sxs  to compare how multiple passes print on the 2 sides.

On 22-Sep-07, at 4:43 AM, Loris Medici wrote:

> Thanks Rajul. I already sized paper in ordinary manner (applying the
> sizing with a brush). Will try this on the next batch.
> Will to the comparison and share here.
> Quoting Rajul <eyeear@telus.net>:
>> Loris, if you do size, it helps to wet the dried print, drain it to 
>> dampness, then pour and spread the hardened gelatin.
>> It will be good to see sized sxs with unsized.
>>  Rajul
>> On 21-Sep-07, at 3:44 PM, Loris Medici wrote:
>>> Wanted to share: 
>>> http://www.loris.medici.name/gum/gum_over_cyanotype_01_sm.jpg
>>> It's a little bit muddy; will try on sized paper later (but I'm
>>> afraid since I experienced flaking back when I was testing sized  
>>> Masa).
>>> Regards,
>>> Loris.