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Re: Stonehenge Black

On September 24, 2007 3:42:08 pm Jeremy Moore wrote:
> I am looking for an archival black paper to print gum bichromate on and I
> was wondering if anyone has had experience with Stonehenge Black. I know
> that Stonehenge is currently up in the air regarding the future, but Daniel
> Smith has enough for the current project I'm working on and at $1.99/sheet
> ( http://www.danielsmith.com/products~cat~450~sku~215+360+001.asp), it is
> much cheaper than Arches Hot Press at $3.69 (
> http://www.danielsmith.com/products~sku~285+540+008.asp).

I use a lot of Stonehenge -but know nothing about potential problems - can you 
tell us more?


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