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Re: papers for gum

BTW, don't let the "Yupo" word intimidate you. If Yupo costly in your location (it's very cheap here in Istanbul) you can try any cheap impermeable / dimensionally stable and smooth material -> such as Mylar (!?)...

Quoting Laura Valentino <laura@this.is>:

Thanks Loris, Katharine and Judy for your comments on papers...it's
more than just a matter of what you like - tips like "easy to coat" or
"too textured for small prints" or "difficult without a support sheet"
are very helpful in knowing what to choose, especially sight unseen.

Judy...you reminded me that I actually have some Somerset Velvet (from
some years ago) that was specially coated for use in an ink jet
printer. I just checked, and I also found some Arches CP. Guess I'll
give them a try!