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Yeah, and I wasn't even nude.

In fact, I didn't know what happened to me; I had to go to
Best Buy and buy a quick computer because mine broke and I
was heading down to Belize to work on the gum book (tough
tour of duty), and went into the bathroom at Best Buy--when
I looked down I was COVERED in red measles all up and down
my legs!  It FREAKED me out.  Then my husband got them and
the two of us looked like war victims in our bikinis.  Well,
he wasn't in a bikini, but you know what I mean.  Needless
to say they itched and itched and got worse and worse
because we did not know to take antihistamines. It was NOT a
pretty sight.  So from now on in the South in the grass, I
will wear insect repellent.

Oooops, off topic, end of story.

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Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 14:14:44 +0000

>catherine, its certanly NOT something to look forward to.
>they are actually little red mite larve that live on the
>ground, on trees, and in the grass. they migrate to warm
>blooded critters, people included, attach to the skin that
>liquifies the cells then the feed on the liquid. some
>people dont even know they have been bitten but it makes
>some itch intollerably. down here we just paint them with
>clear fingernail polish and keep on truckin'. i think chris
>got hers on the nudie shoot we went on. peg
>Peg Fredi
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>From: Catherine Rogers <chrogers@bigpond.com>
>> Peg and Chris
>> This question is waaaaay OT,  but I need to know - what
>> are chiggers? 
>> The feeling that I got from Chris's post was that
>> chiggers is an illness, and from Peg (just below), that
>> chiggers is something to look forward to. 
>> many thanks, congratulations, and I hope that the
>> exhibition goes well best wishes
>> Catherine
>> From: <pfredi@bellsouth.net>
>> Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 3:46 AM
>> Subject: Re: Soho show
>> > i think  you got it all correct!! I do remember you
>> shooting the bones too with the model. I had so much fun
>> with yall being here and hope we get to do it again next
>year and i think we will have a good supply of chiggers
>> too. I have no idea which photo got into the show. i did
>> submit some of the ones yall saw and some new ones too.
>> thanks for the nice words, muchly appreciated. peg
>> snip
>> > From: "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net>
>> > >
>> > > I just KNEW that this list would be
>> represented...isn't it interesting that
>> > > at a minimum, 20% of the show is alt listers? And Ken
>> , it would be GREAT if
>> > > you could take pictures there!  So happy to hear from
>> > > a few list lurkers finally, too!
>> > >
>> snip
>> > >
>> > > That's also (Nashville) where I got a major case of
>> > >the chiggers.  wow. 
>> > > So, to make a very long story short, it is very fun
>> to meet other listers
>> > > when traveling as we are a small community.
>> > > Chris

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