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This is slightly off topic, but it's hardwon info I share out of the kindness of my heart. In recent years we've had some sneaky silent flying insects that attack in the vicinity of our front stoop -- I don't see them or feel them until awful itching red swelling begins (possibly some form of Greenwich Village chigger), and though topical treatments of cortisone (scratch til the skin breaks, then apply highest strength cortisone followed by arnica gel to drive it in) are very helpful, the most helpful is a pill: prednisone. I think it's a steroid and may require prescription, but last spring the allergy got so bad it seemed my throat might close (tho how my throat would dare close is another topic), anyway one prednisone cured days of misery in about 2 hours.

A non-prescription antihistamine (the active ingredient in Benadryl) namely diphenhydramine HCL is excellent also, and most of the big chains have it in a modestly priced house brand. But it makes you sleepy all day (take it when you go to bed and think of it as a sleeping pill or get the more expensive Benadryl which has pepper-uppers).

But, lest I be accused of practicing medicine without a license, I take the license of noting that "nude in landscape" photography is generally taken to mean *male* nude in landscape, tho I note in some surprise that the models in this case may have been female (perhaps a southern custom ?).


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