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judy, dont know if youre old enough to remember STREAKING but I think it got started right here in the South. BTY, I was on the team of chemist at University of Tennessee that did the first FDA studies on diphenhydramine. It was a double blind study and had subjects from the pharmacy school - we could always tell which kids had the real thing, they would be asleep in their books within 30 min. peg

Peg Fredi

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From: Judy Seigel <jseigel@panix.com>
> This is slightly off topic, but it's hardwon info I share out of the 
> kindness of my heart.  In recent years we've had some sneaky silent flying 
> insects that attack in the vicinity of our front stoop -- I don't see them 
> or feel them until awful itching red swelling begins (possibly some form 
> of Greenwich Village chigger), and though topical treatments of cortisone 
> (scratch til the skin breaks, then apply highest strength cortisone 
> followed by arnica gel to drive it in) are very helpful, the most helpful 
> is a pill:  prednisone.  I think it's a steroid and may require 
> prescription, but last spring the allergy got so bad it seemed my throat 
> might close (tho how my throat would dare close is another topic), anyway 
> one prednisone cured days of misery in about 2 hours.
> A non-prescription antihistamine (the active ingredient in Benadryl) 
> namely diphenhydramine HCL is excellent also, and most of the big chains 
> have it in a modestly priced house brand. But it makes you sleepy all day 
> (take it when you go to bed and think of it as a sleeping pill or get the 
> more expensive Benadryl which has pepper-uppers).
> But, lest I be accused of practicing medicine without a license, I take 
> the license of noting that "nude in landscape" photography is generally 
> taken to mean *male* nude in landscape, tho I note in some surprise that 
> the models in this case may have been female (perhaps a southern custom 
> ?).
> J.

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