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RE: Pyrocat HD Capacity?


Development time for slow and
medium-speed films is 40-50 minutes, 70 F.  

Whoa 40 to 50 minutes. That's much much longer than I've experienced!

Development time for fast
films is 50-60 minutes.  

Ditto here.

Dichroic fog may result from extended
development of high speed films. 

I may have experienced this but haven't tried diluting the developer. I
would be interested hearing from anyone that has experience this problem.

If this is a problem in your work use a
1:1: 200 dilution and reduce development to about 30 minutes.

Loris have you tried these times and dilutions?

The times listed on unblinking eye work pretty good for starting points for
conventional development of roll film. A friend of mine locally has been
semi-stand developing TMAX 100 with excellent results. The film scans well
and prints well. I'll find out what his times are.

My times for sheet film developed in a Unicolor drum run about 16-20 minutes
@ 75F using agitation described above by Loris. I think there is a lot of
latitude with time and temperature with stand development but not so much
with conventional rotary or tank development.