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RE: pinhole negatives without electricity?

Thanks to Bob & Ryuji -- We did talk about Polaroid negs, which friend may have used at some point in the past. I'm embarrassed that I don't remember what the problem was for this project. Possibly the expense? Possibly you can't use them in a pinhole camera???

Whichever, that's the advantage of "asking the list": different/fresh points of view, plus amplification(s). Thanks...


On Thu, 18 Oct 2007, BOB KISS wrote:

	Ryuji is right.  All they would need would be a tank with a sodium
sulfite bath to hold the negs and dissolve off the slime.  Ideally they
should have one tank for the sulfite bath, a way to do a quick rinse to make
sure the slime is off and then a water holding tank.  They would then wash
the negs when they got "home".  Only 4X5 but instant darkroomless negs.  A
nice size for demonstrating cyano.

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If you can work with normal contrast, try Polaroid Type 55
with any of the pinhole cameras that are made to take Polaroid
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