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RE: pinhole negatives without electricity?

	SOMEtimes, Polaroid donates film (or offers it at a great discount)
to educational projects, especially if they can get some good PR from it.  
	No one has mentioned using a Harrison Tent from Camera Essentials.
I bought the one big enough to load 8X10 film holders.  I don't know if the
one they make for loading and unloading 35mm cine magazines is the same size
or larger.  Either way, the one I have is BIG and you could easily do
coating and even processing in small trays in there.  
	But I still think that Type 55 is the way to go.

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Subject: RE: pinhole negatives without electricity?
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> Possibly the expense?

Way cheaper than setting up something else... like dark tent,
doing any wet processing, etc., in the field.

> Possibly you can't use them in a pinhole camera???

There are many people who use Type 55 with pinhole. Just
google and you'll find pages of reports.

I'm not sure what the problem is...

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