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Re: pinhole negatives without electricity?

I donīt know if somebody has already suggested this, but: Dentists used to make X-rays and develop them inside a red acrylic box, with a pair of holes to enter the hands; I donīt jonw whatīs the name of this, neither if they are still available. But itīs worth a try with a close dentist to see if they can help. With this box one can load the shoebox with photographic paper, and spare another to make the development. Perhaps they are done in many sizes, or one can even try to order a custom-sized one, from those stores that make acrylic doorsigns.
Rodolpho Pajuaba

Judy Seigel escreveu:

A friend of mine who has taught many workshops on pinhole and camera obscura, now contemplates something trickier: teaching in the countryside of South America, in places without electricity. For the prints she'd use the same precoated cyanotype squares she's used in children's classes all along-- they can be exposed by sunlight and developed in water.

The catch is making the negatives. In the US, even if she's not in a lab or regular photographic setup, it's easy to turn a room, a closet, or other space into a "darkroom," and expose & develop black & white photo paper to make a paper negative by pinhole camera.