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Re: Jim Patterson's cyanotype for you cyano techies

On Fri, 19 Oct 2007, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Dear all,
Below is Jim Patterson's cyanotype method. I share it for those who experience a lot of bleeding, etc. I use the 20 FAC/8 pot ferri formula which works great for me (with a good curve) with no bleeding and overexposure but I remember some people complaining about bleeding so thought I would share this. Let's put it this way--it is like a Rex formula but doesn't cost $29...

Chris, you've lost me here... but let me guess... This formula is supposed to be the VERY FAST cyanotype, as might work in camera, but without paying Mr. Rex for the missing ingredients?

Otherwise, puleeze explain -- for instance, I've never seen bleeding ever with classic cyanotype even with 15 bleeding space cadet students..., (by "classic" I mean ferric ammonium citrate with k ferricyanide).

Also, is it as complex to mix as it sounds? Or does one get the hang of it ?