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Re: Jim Patterson's cyanotype for you cyano techies

Chris, you've lost me here... but let me guess... This formula is supposed to be the VERY FAST cyanotype, as might work in camera, but without paying Mr. Rex for the missing ingredients?
Yeah--it is a **free** formula (fast) for the cyano techies on the list...I can think of a few. I find it so fascinating when people get into the chemistry of alt and devise weird things. Maybe it's that yearning for a "back in the day" experience similar to what I read about in the BJP over and over.

Otherwise, puleeze explain -- for instance, I've never seen bleeding ever with classic cyanotype even with 15 bleeding space cadet students..., (by "classic" I mean ferric ammonium citrate with k ferricyanide).
I don't have a problem with bleeding with classic cyanotype either, but if I remember someone recently on the list did, though we thought it might be underexposure or the paper or not soaking in enough or low humididty or whatnot. OH wait, I might have had bleeding with it on Platine...and I certainly had huge bleeding problems with pt/pd on Platine. But it seems not much comes off at all when I use Fabriano Artistico.

Also, is it as complex to mix as it sounds? Or does one get the hang of it ?
Have no idea as I haven't tried it yet, having just received it. Just shared it for interest, and at the rate I am going it'll be a while before I try it because it's down on my list of have-to's. But it is supposed to be fast like the Rex. Don't know how it compares to Mike Ware's version of Rex, either. I am more tempted to try the cuprotype for the interesting color at this moment.