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501.751.8863 is the number I have on the back of my manual, but I, too, had a hard time finding any info on them. I am pretty sure I got my camera off of pinholeresource.com originally (Eric Renner's website).

Speaking of zoneplates, I think Sam Wang is the one who manufactures the zone plate body caps for that website, and they are pretty darn neat. Esp in front of a digital camera for instant feedback. But watch dust. AND there are sometimes anomalies that show up on digital with my Nikon D200 with the zone plate. I finally saw the dreaded banding (which first showed up in the zone plate images and therefore I thought it was a zone plate problem) on some raw files as well as the zone plate images and sent the camera back to Nikon after 1 1/2 yr and Nikon fixed it for me free of charge! But that is a totally unrelated topic to digital...except if using zone plates on a digital camera it is probably best to shoot raw and not jpg so you don't get posterization in the image itself.
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Thanks, Chris. I remember reading about that camera...maybe it used to be
made by some other company? Anyway, I checked out the website and there was
no information; do you have any idea if they are still in business?



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