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Re: resinotypes

Dear John,
Now, the question in my mind is why have you asked this question, ...?
''did anybody try (apart from who I already know...) to make resinotypes? ''
Because I don't believe you are alone, though this technique is not as known as many other Cinderellas.
I have been tempted to add "if you didn't, you will never know what you missed". I find resinotype condensing the skills of both gum and oil printing.
I am still an active climber (despite I am not a young man anymore), and for this reason I compare resinotype to an almost never climbed mountain. You have many routes to discover, both easy and difficult. You are the first going there, and this is very, very exciting for me: you are free to make everything. But I don't like to keep entirely for me my emotions.
Finding resinotype rather daunting because of the resin/pigment preparation is another possible reason.
Why? In the simpler case you just need to weight and melt resin and powder pigments (5 minutes), and grind them in a mortar (5 minutes).
I agree that in the worst case it might look a little trickier, but you have far better results.
All the best,