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Re: My (first ) try with Jim Patterson Cuprotype

On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, C.Breukel@lumc.nl wrote:

Since I have some history with Copper in alternative printing, I was eager to try Jim Patterson's method.

I made this quick web site to share my first result and some observations, hope you like it.
Cor, that's a really beautiful print, *especially* considering that it's probably one of the first, possibly even the very first, you did with the process.

I myself find the color, at least as it appears on the monitor, especially
beautiful. I suppose it doesn't have the cachet of platinum... but maybe it could get a fancy name -- like, say, copper-gold glycee? or Electric Cupratone?

I don't recall any mention in the discussion of archivality. How is it in that respect ? (How about "Electric Archival"?)

(and how are the twins, et al????)