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RE: My (first ) try with Jim Patterson Cuprotype

> On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, C.Breukel@lumc.nl wrote:
> > Since I have some history with Copper in alternative printing, I was
> > eager to try Jim Patterson's method.
> >
> > I made this quick web site to share my first result and some
> > observations, hope you like it.
> Cor, that's a really beautiful print, *especially* considering that
> probably one of the first, possibly even the very first, you did with
> process.

..thanks Judy, and indeed it's the very first good print I made(well to
be honest it was the third try: the first print was lacking a bit bite:
too little Dmax, slightly veiled highlights, so it needed longer
exposure and a bit of dichromate to keep the highlights clear. Adding
dichromate usually means longer exposure, but the second print was still
a bit weak (might use that one for the Amidol toning). The third one was
spot on.. Seems to be an easy process. Have to master even coating
though, I tried first with a coating rod, I think a foam brush is
perhaps easier..

> I myself find the color, at least as it appears on the monitor,
> beautiful.  I suppose it doesn't have the cachet of platinum...
> but maybe it could get a fancy name -- like, say, copper-gold glycee?
> Electric Cupratone?

..:-).. I might perhaps try first a Pt print and than a copper print on

> I don't recall any mention in the discussion of archivality.  How is
it in
> that respect ? (How  about "Electric Archival"?)

..well when I did the first try with copper printing which I wrote up
for PF I put a print in a book at my work, half of it sticking out. This
print has been exposed to light 8 hours a day for 3 years now, and I can
see no difference between the part of the print kept in the dark and the
part beeing exposed..

Copper toned silver gelatine prints (not sure but I think it is
compairable chemistry wise) are supposed to be less archival than a
straigth silver gelatine print. Although I have a copper toned FB print
hanging on my wall, not shielded by glass for 8 years now, which do not
show any signs of detroriation..

> (and how are the twins, et al????)

..they are fine, it just happens to be their 6th birthday today! (My
oldest son is now 8 years old, doing fine as well..)



> best,
> J.