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--- Judy Seigel <jseigel@panix.com> wrote:

> On Fri, 30 Nov 2007, John Grocott wrote:
> > From a TV programme, ''The Genius of Photography.'' broadcast on BBC 4 
> > yesterday I learned that Edward Steichen's .  ''Moonrise - Mamaroneck, 
> > New York.  1 9 0 4 '', was sold in auction for two million six hundred 
> > thousand pounds. Apparently the highest figure ever paid for a 
> > photograph.
> For the record, and perhaps to save folks some futile travel, I note that 
> my family lived in Mamaroneck for a couple of decades, from 1947 on, 
> myself included for part of that time...  There were no doubt estates on 
> Long Island Sound that could have offered such a view, but the only ones 
> we ever saw were country clubs (scenes of parties, dinners, and bar 
> mitzvahs) with whatever trees they may once have had sacrificed to tennis 
> courts & golf greens.


From the NYTimes Archive:  GENERATIONS PAST; Hey Mamaroneck, Recognize This

Published: February 26, 2006


I don't know if non-subscribers can access this article, but basically it
states that the village historian believes the pond is in an area that is now a
country club, and was drained.   It starts with a quote from a Steichen letter
to Stieglitz, in which he describes the area succinctly as, 'Nothing

Additionally, it states that Steichen took the picture during convalescence
from  typhoid, and points out that Mary Malone, the eponymous Typhoid Mary, was
a cook in the area at the time.

The article concludes with a brief description of the print:

''Gum bichromate printing was a risky, time-consuming and labor-intensive
process, allowing for the tone, depth, color and even texture -- there is a
real grit on the surface of this particular print, at least from what I can
recall -- to be manipulated in the darkroom with chemicals and processing for
visual effect.'' 


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