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RE: Bleach-development with gum


I'm interested! Can you please also send me a sample along with your notes? I really need some help for my fine-tuning.

Thanks in advance,

Quoting Marek Matusz <marekmatusz@hotmail.com>:

You do like to experiment! Perhaps all the gum printers are like that. I am not surprized that the gum print done by "your method" looks best. After all you have done countless experiments to arrive at it. Taking somebody elses method would require some fine tuning. Variables like paper, sieze, dichromate to gum ratio, development style, etc are at play here. Some of them might be important contributors to the method.
I do have a couple of prints with very precise notes I could send you a scan and detailed description if you are interested.
My first inclination is that you gum layer is too thick. You can achieve high DMAX with either thicker gum layer or thinner, but more pigmented layer. Do you know what is the pigment concentration in your mix? Perhaps paper/sieze is a contributor as well. Thanks for posting the pictures and as always interesting discussion.