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RE: Bleach-development with gum

Any chance you would try this method with gelatin and a
layer of gum on top, unhardened gelatin?  A thick cushy
layer?  In other words, make a carbon print with a gum or
albumen layer and then the 6% hypochlorite solution? I just
wonder if the Javel works best with a recalcitrant layer
like gelatin/carbon printing.  I mean, I can't IMAGINE
exposing a print outside all day for 6 hr and expecting to
get something, but with a thick, highly pigmented gelatin
layer maybe this is possible.  I suppose that is a question
for Sandy or John to answer.

Your running/staining you described was exactly what Demachy
and Anderson wanted--it gave them a "broken color" as they
termed it, effect which we now, of course, call
"impressionism".  They called for exposing the layer briefly
so that upon a short development there was a slight running
of the layer to blur the outlines and mush the image a bit. 
So that might be something for you to cultivate!  I will try
that method shortly.  

Anyway, since you are experimenting in the dimroom here are
two other things for you to try. I'm sure you have lots of
extra time :)

BTW, if you are getting flaking with sizing, have you tried
to decrease your gelatin strength a bit and make sure the
sizing penetrates the paper instead of sticks on top? It may
be that your surface is too slick.  However, if stain or low
contrast is not an issue for you, then scratch this
suggestion because you wouldn't need to size then.

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