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Photoshop CS3 10.0.1 Update breaks printing on Epson roll paper

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I'm reposting this here, it's originally from Adobe's forums...

"10.0.1 Update breaks printing on Epson roll paper

Prior to the 10.0.1 update I had no problems printing landscape images on
8.3" roll paper on my Epson R800 printer. Now it insists on printing all
images with the horizontal dimension parallel to the cut edge of the paper,
(perpendicular to the roll length) resulting in landscape images with a
maximum width of 8.3". The printer settings dialog specifies Landscape
mode, but changing to portrait has no effect. In fact, it seems to be
stuck in Portrait mode and is ignoring the Landscape setting.

Prior to this update I could print, for example, an 8x12 landscape image
with the 12" dimension running lengthwise on the paper roll.


It's been confirmed by additional users...

The original thread in Adobe-land is at:



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