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RE: Some recent publications about carbon transfer

Hi Judy,

I am sure the photo is the one you are thinking about, though it is a screen window. At one time I called it "Faux Fleurs" expecting that someone would correct my French, but it never happened. Now I just call it Glass Flowers.

The original separations were made with an 8X10 camera on Tri-X film at my mother's home in Louisiana. My wife, who hated the place, on seeing the print in Silvershotz, commented, "it is amazing that you made something so lovely in that ugly place."

Making color carbons was very difficult with wet processing. I think it would be much easier today with computer separations, but I am so happy with my monochrome carbon work these days I doubt I will ever go back to color. But I am tempted.



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PS. Scanning my queue, I see Sandy's photo is available on line. Hurrah! (More to follow -- but yes I have it if it's the screen door, you devil -- and many classes have been dumbstruck. Later I stopped showing it to them later -- too demoralizing -- only early before they knew not to try it themselves !)