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Re: Puyo and Demachy said it first [was Re. Paper Negatives]

hehehe I'm trying to picture that Judy—either that or a mermaid on a treadmill....flop flop flop..

Let's see, I was born in 1945 and lived on a farm near Champaign/Urbana, Illinois, where we raised registered Angus cattle before they were in vogue and yes those steaks were really great.  We also raised a lot of corn and soybeans.... so, though I leaned more towards student council, beta club, Spanish club and other activities rather than sports, I got my daily workout shoveling a few ton of silage a day, a few more tons of silage after the cattle were finished with it, hoisting bales of hay and straw, castrating pigs, injecting antibiotics into 1,000 pound steers and wrestling cheerleaders.  I fear, like Judy, who I am sure is even younger than I am, I really never heard much of health clubs at that time. 

But next month my son, Ender Jr., is opening one in the Chicago suburbs—and guess who gets to be a Beta Tester?  Well all the machines have cool little computers on them that will graph my progress or lack of progress and nag me to work a little harder each time.  Then I can go home and log in via the Internet and make even more cool graphs of my progress.... so I figure if I start out on the really really low end of the scale, I can really impress him with some sharp upturns in healthy physical activity during the following weeks.  The only problem is the computers aren't Macs, so I can't do some really cool Leopard stuff while I do my "no pain—no gain" thing.

By the way, speaking of Angus cattle, I remember reading someplace where you can "legally" call beef "Angus" if the bovine it was stripped from had a certain percentage of black hairs on its hide..... now that's not really what we considered Black Angus Cattle on our farm.

Oh....back to alt photo—polymer plate photogravure with digital negatives is really cool.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives
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In a message dated 12/3/07 11:59:21 PM, jseigel@panix.com writes:

Mermaid either (what could SHE do at a gym anyway? Ride the bicycle?)

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