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Re: Paper negative


My bottle of "baby oil" says "Liquid Paraffin". BTW, IIRC, this kind of
treatment (paraffin) wasn't stable -> see Post Factory Photography #8 page

I'm quite confused; when I read "mineral oil", Paraffin doesn't come into my
mind. I understand what you call "Kerosene" (Plane fuel & fuel for burning
in stoves... It's very good in making your car's paint shiny!) when I see
the words "mineral oil".


> ...
> I just looked on Wikipedia because I wasn't sure I was remembering
> right about the laxative part, and found a whole long list of uses
> for mineral oil.  One thing I hadn't known is that baby oil is just
> mineral oil with added fragrance (that "baby oil" smell).  No wonder
> it makes my hands feel so nice.