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''Oh Baby ! Paraffinum Liquidum. ( Mineral Oil ) says the bottle.

Hi List,
             The  type of liquid Paraffin that Katherine uses was drunk, regularly, by my grandmother from age thirty five as a laxative,  following an appendix removal, until she past away at age eighty six.  A kind of lubricant for the bowels.  She was told by doctors to discontinue it shortly after the operation but it was so effective that she became hooked on the easy time it gave her.
              The ''Oh Baby ! '' Clear Baby Oil, I am sure is a good deal thinner than the laxative but I have found it much easier to apply, with either cotton wool or a foam pad, than the method Katherine describes.  The printer paper I have treated is the ''bog standard'' type, probably no more than
40 gsm  which dries out completely with a hot hair dryer, as Katherine mentions.
I guessed we would get around to this subject, eventually.
Best for now.
John- Photographist - London - UK