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Re: Paper Negative Details

Hi Trevor,

I have expanded my webpage on paper negatives and added more details. It's
going to be far easier to show what I've been doing I think, rather than try
to explain the process with text only.

Glad you liked my prints btw. Thank you. Good luck with your gumwork...let
me know if you have any further questions and I'll try to fill in the


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 2.  Oil sounds messy, but simple.  However, for strength, I like the
idea of using wax instead.  However, what I can't get my noodle on is the
application process.  Paper is heated and wax melted on it.  Does the paper
absorb the wax so you can pass the iron over it subsequent times without
difficulty?  It sounds easy to screw up.  Andrea hinted at a wax bath...how
quickly does beeswax and paraffin stiffen?  Buildup issues?  When liquid,
does excess easily wipe away like water?  Use rollers or squeegees?
>   3.  Does oil lend more to bleeding, or does that depend on the ink?
>   4.  I'm a cyanotype guy, but I want to begin getting serious about gum.
Is this a good option for doing gums?  Andrea, your tricolor carbons are
gorgeous and inspiring!
>   Give a holler...Trevor
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