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Re: Paper Negative Details - Dyes versus Pigments?

Title: Re: Paper Negative Details - Dyes versus Pigments?
There is no advantage to pigment inks over dye inks as far as UV blocking is concerned. There may be some advantage in terms of stability if the negative were to be used to make many prints with UV light sources but to my knowledge no one has ever made that observation.

Sandy King

At 12:51 PM -0600 12/4/07, Keith Gerling wrote:
And on that note, I'll make another attempt to steer back to the original question that started this thread:  is there an advantage of  using dye inks over pigment inks for paper negatives?  I'd test it myself, but while the pigment ink cartridges on the Epson 7600 I have recently acquired are mostly full, the yellow is empty and God forbid Epson would allow me to print anything without yellow. 

Ahh, but if some kind soul would print a postage-sized print with Ultrachrome inks and smear a little baby oil on it to see what happens - well, I would be eternally grateful.

On Dec 3, 2007 10:30 PM, Katharine Thayer <kthayer@pacifier.com> wrote:

On Dec 3, 2007, at 4:06 PM, Trevor Cunningham wrote

> 3.  Does oil lend more to bleeding, or does that depend on the ink?
I think bleeding may depend more on the ink than on oil vs wax.  I've
used exclusively dye inks and have had no problem with bleeding with
either oil or wax.