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Re: Bleach-development with gum

Thanks Mark. I guess my results will be even better when I have time and
energy for calibrating gum... (A hard task I presume, since it's much harder
to be consistent with gum!)

On 12/5/07 4:24 AM, "Ender100@aol.com" <Ender100@aol.com> wrote:

> Congratulations Loris!   Very nice tonal range for a single gum print!   And
> congrats to Marek also!
> Mark
> In a message dated 12/4/07 3:12:08 PM, mail@loris.medici.name writes:
> This is my best so far (after six test prints - including this one):
> http://www.loris.medici.name/gum/bleach_2.jpg