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"hydrocote" is spelled.....(?)

A couple of folks have taken pity on my ignorance and been kind enough to explain "Hydrocoat" (or is it "Hydrocote"?) ... They say it doesn't yellow, but are not in agreement about its other virtues. In any event, to show my appreciation (and my current connection) I went to the website.

The mfr says it has an "amber tone." That doesn't count as "yellowing"? Mfr also says it's "quick drying." But a printer whose expertise I regard with awe says it took 7 days to dry.

I reflect that god created all the heavens and earth in 7 days, so wonder if that could be hyperbole. I also wonder if anyone has tried diluted white shellac as a "varnish" for gum. I did some early experiments that looked promising, but got sidetracked...

Thanks in advance for info or opinion...