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Re: Bleach-development with gum

I see. Well, we used plain stationary paper in the Istanbul workshop and the
oil was permeating instantly - probably you're using a special inkjet paper.

Charcoal starting fluid? Seems like a nice solution - my compliments. Is it
something similar to Zippo lighter fuel? We don't have liquid starters here,
only dry ones...


From: Keith Gerling <keith.gerling@gmail.com>
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Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 17:33:10 -0600
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Subject: Re: Bleach-development with gum

That's a good idea - measure the print, print inkjet to size, repeat.  It
wouldn't matter if it DID keep shrinking.  But this Masa is too thin handle.
I really need to have it mounted.

It takes forever for the oil to permeate the paper and it contaminates
everything.  One has to be very careful where one places a negative or what
one touches.  But I found a solution: charcoal starting fluid.  Goes on very
fast, evaporates from wet to very dry in a few minutes.  No need for a mylar
or plastic-wrap barrier because the paper is translucent but not very oily.
And in an hour all traces have evaporated and  you can't tell it was ever
soaked - the paper reverts back to the original and so is easy to store.

On Dec 6, 2007 2:35 PM, Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name> wrote:
> Hi again Keith,
> I got wrinkling only in one occasion - but I haven't used sheets bigger than
> 11x14".
> Why you say that about baby-oiled negatives? We used them in the Istanbul
> workshop. (Yes, they were messy if that's your problem - I guess you have to
> make a good stock of blotting paper!)
> Since you're using/testing el-cheapo paper negatives, let me quote something
> that I've read in the HybridPhoto.com forums -> paper shrinks considerably
> after the first printing but not much (almost none) in subsequent printings.
> Therefore you can just make two sets of negatives after measuring the amount
> of shrinking: first set contains only one negative that you're going to use
> for the first printing, second set contains the negative(s) you're going to
> use in subsequent printings (on shrinked paper) which should be printed
> smaller by the same % of shrinking you have measured before...
> This is something that was suggested by the user "dwross" - eventually this
> method works well for her. (BTW, she has a very interesting website about
> silver gelatin emulsion making!)
> Anyway, if that also works well for you then you won't need to affix Masa on
> the support for dimensional stability - the second negative set (consisting
> of smaller negatives) will offset the shrinkage!
> Regards,
> Loris.
> From: Keith Gerling <keith.gerling@gmail.com>
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> Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 13:17:36 -0600
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> Subject: Re: Bleach-development with gum
> Ok, three observations,
> 1) the wrinkling and puckering dries down pretty well (but coating is still
> problematic) 
> 2) unsized Masa stains
> 3) anybody that successfully uses baby-oiled negatives must have the
> patience of a saint and plenty of time
> Keith
> On Dec 6, 2007 12:49 PM, Keith Gerling < keith.gerling@gmail.com
> <mailto:keith.gerling@gmail.com> > wrote:
>> Thanks.  I just coated an un-sized sheet and it is drying now and I'm
>> concerned.  Does your 3M adhesive-mounted Masa pucker and wrinkle really bad?
>> A month ago, I tried mounting with gelatin (doesn't stand up to a long soak)
>> and 3M.  I was having problems mounting it evenly, bu now with four hands (my
>> son) I mounted several sheets with 3M spray.  The one I just coated was
>> puckering before I could get the emulsion smoothed out.  I'm assuming these
>> bubbles are from spots of paper not hit with spray, but if I spray any more
>> it
>> gets really messy.
>> On Dec 6, 2007 12:23 PM, Loris Medici < mail@loris.medici.name
>> <mailto:mail@loris.medici.name> > wrote:
>>> Hi Keith,
>>> Yes it applies to multi-layer prints on Masa too. But I think there's
>>> something wrong with my sizing method; I normally size using a 3% 250 Bloom
>>> gelatin - sizing + hardening are both done in the same time (I add 1ml
>>> formalin per 1g of gelatin into the solution before applying it to the
>>> paper).
>>> I decided to use a lower gelatin concentration after Christina's advice of
>>> brushing harder and working the sizing into the paper's fibers - as I
>>> understand it. Perhaps the higher concentration (combined with hard gelatin)
>>> was making the surface too slick as Christina suggested.
>>> Anyway, I just finished sizing few 1/4 sheets of Fabriano Artisico (no
>>> Traditional and/or Extra White designation on the packaging) with 1%
>>> gelatin, brushing vigorously -> will report how it went...
>>> BTW, the bleach developed print also was done on unsized Fabriano Artistico.
>>> Another note: Unsized Masa stains! (Fabriano too, but much less compared to
>>> Masa...) So try it both sized and unsized, see for yourself. I may also size
>>> few sheets of Masa later (with the new 1% concentration) if all goes well
>>> with Fabriano.
>>> Regards,
>>> Loris.
>>> From: Keith Gerling < keith.gerling@gmail.com>
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>>> Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 11:59:50 -0600
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>>> Subject: Re: Bleach-development with gum
>>> Hi Loris,
>>> I'm finally getting around to working with Masa.  I noticed in this post
>>> that you say you do not size?  Does that apply to your multicoat prints on
>>> Masa as well?  I've spent a solid morning in a frigid workroom shrinking and
>>> affixing Masa and I don't want to mess it all up.
>>> thanks
>>> Keith