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Re. Bleach etc.,

           You used the term ''dummies'' as highlighted, below.
I remarked that I thought List members were
 anything ( but dummies )  (Note Alberto ) i.e I do not think anyone is a dummy except for myself for getting involved with this pointless but amusing communication.
Nice print - what is the actual size?

Can you please clearly outline your process? (If you like to.) I don't 
remember  any clear description of your process (and I'm member of 
this list since 2003) - only few messages suggesting a lot of 
different "possible" coating/sizing materials (quite confusing to me - 
maybe not for those who're more aquainted to historical texts / 
procedures). Since English is not my native language, I may have 
missed the clear / real meanings of your several - maybe cryptic - 
previous postings on the subject. (I may have attributed this to the 
fact that you're British - in the sense of your writing style -, but 
it's not the same when I read posts / articles from Mike Ware; they're 
clear, definite - unless stated otherwise - and comprehensive.)
description targeted for "dummies" would do good.
(Sorry if I missed 
such a posting -> I'd be grateful if you provide me links to those 
postings then...)

For the moment I'm pretty satisfied with the method Marek described / 
suggested *in just few clear words / sentences*, because *it doesn't 
include any extra step / material other than regular household 
bleach*. (I mean when compared to good ol' standard gum dichromate as 
we know it.)