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Direct Carbon Paper Available on The Market ?

Direct Carbon Paper
To The Thousands Reading This Posting,
                                                                              It may be some long time, if ever, before a Direct Carbon Print Paper  will become available on the market, again.  But if and when it is seen to be a viable, commercial financial proposition, what should the attributes of such an alternative photo product offer the potential customer ?
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1. Good quality paper base. Possibly, the choice of the buyer.
2.  Coated but unsensitized ready for immersion in a low percentage solution.
3. Development with no issues of temperature control of solutions.
4. Instructions on UV exposure.
5. Control of the density and detail by various means of abrasion ; spray, sawdust, brush, foam pad etc.'
Will this mythical paper ever be available to buy, again ?  Who or what will decide the issue ?
Has anyone yet devised an exploitable process to make the above a reality for an individual or a corporate company ?
Maybe its better to leave the secrets in the hands of a few.
Have a Nice Day.
John - Photographist -London - UK