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Re: Huge Camera (RE: Dave Soemarko's LC-1B)

Title: Re: Huge Camera (RE: Dave Soemarko's LC-1B)

Maximum film size is 20X24. Freestyle Photographic Supplies lists several continuous tone pan and ortho films in 20X24 size. That includes Bergger BPF and Efke PL 100. They also carry lith type films in this format that some people process as continuos tone. And once a year Ilford does a ULF film cut and you can buy FP4+ and HP5+.



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Which type of film and maximum size can you use with this camera and where can you buy it?


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The camera is so light I can easily do it by myself.


At 10:56 PM -0500 12/10/07, Ender100@aol.com wrote:

OK Sandy, so who is gonna help you haul that thing

around and get it up on a tripod?

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