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Re: Sensitized Slug Slime Recipe

On December2007, at 12:07 PM, John Cremati wrote:

Researchers studying the chemistry of slug slime at the University of
Washington have found that it is a highly organized polymeric material that
can absorb water extremely rapidly-up to 100 times its initial volume. They
have not been able to reproduce it yet .....

Yet another slug tale, which is sort of interesting and sort of related to
photography, light writing, etc.
The Jews have special prayer shawl called a Tallit, used even prior to Biblical time.
It often has a lovely blue color . . . sort of like a cyanotype color, associated with many of them.
The very old ones, were a different blue and that color blue was lost for centuries. I read a
Scientific American article years back and contemporary scientists had found the source of
this blue historically. It is a sea snail in the Mediterranean and though there are many types
this one was found in a certain area as I remember. The lovely aspect of it is the mucus it
secretes turns a sort of purplish blue, like jeans, if put out into the sun. It is the sun that makes
the blue appear.
Perhaps we could use that source for some interesting spiritual photographs.