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I believe the function of the snail's exudate is to absorb water (from the atmosphere)
to reduce desiccation. I would imagine that one could go out into the cabbage patch
and "scrape" up whatever trails you can find from their nocturnal meanderings.

After a few miles of 'scrapings', one might be able to add to distilled water to provide
for a 'mixture' that might be suitable for applying to a suitable paper support.


On 12-Dec-07, at 7:02 PM, Ender100@aol.com wrote:


Now can you imagine coating a nice big piece of Cot 320 with snail slime? How do you train the little guys to slide around on your paper and get an even coat..... do you have them go in a rectangular pattern from the center out or the outside in? What if one stops and rests for a while...will that increase dMax on that spot?

I have to go look for my snail training manual....

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