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Folks - it's all been  done - 148 years ago:
Happy Escargology,
Mike Ware

Mike has that je ne sais quoi sort of humor, which, ahem, reminds me of THAT famous joke:

A snail went to a Nissan car dealership and asked to buy a 350Z sports car.
Dealer said, yeah, sure, good blah blah blah.
Snail said but I want 2 things changed:
1. the seat raised so's I can see w/my eyes while driving
2. remove the 'Z' and replace that with an 'S'

Dealer said he could understand the seat being raised due to small size of the snail but 
why remove the logo that makes the car distinctive.

Snail said yes the seat is smart but with the 'S', if he drove quickly through any town, people
would turn their heads, look at him behind the wheel and say    . . . . . . .

"Wow, look at the 'S' car go !"

  • References:
    • Mucotypes
      • From: Mike Ware <mike@mikeware.co.uk>