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"Carbon" or "Carbon Carbon"?

I think you guys are doing this to see if anyone's paying attention. Honestly, I'm trying not to, but I can't help myself. So here's my problem . You (whoever you are) are saying that CARBON is the MOST archival metal in that list of photo metals, right? That may have been either Sandy or Gawain, tho please excuse if not.

(As if the tiny differences between, say, "carbon" and palladium were life and death, but that's not this argument.)

So then we (you/they) conclude that "carbon printing" or "direct carbon" would therefore be the most archival process. But, as I understand the processes, although "carbon," that is the carbon black pigment, CAN be used as the pigment in "carbon prints", the term "carbon print" applies to a technique or techniques which can be done with many or almost any pigments, from umber to tricolor, and no actual "carbon" at all.

That's not to say that "carbon printing" can't be as archival as gum printing, or, if you want to split hairs, conceivably more so, but, if there's no black, that would be on the basis of the OTHER ingredients, materials & process, rather than actual "carbon." (Or if there is carbon black, but other colors also.)

In other words, if MOST archival is being claimed on the basis of carbon's position in that list of metals, shouldn't there be some qualification or differentiation, perhaps a new name to distinguish when it's actually got carbon from when it doesn't (eg. "Carbon Carbon") ???

In other words, as I understand the matter, carbon printing does NOT by definition any longer contain carbon-- so we shouldn't be acting as if it does. __________________

And one other question -- to list "experts" at large. I daresay I'm not the only one who's palladium toned VDB or kallitype to get the rich color and archivality it provides with much less metal. (And also toning only the successes, not investing in the failures.) What I wonder would be the relative archivality of palladium-toned VDB or kallitype to a palladium or "carbon carbon" print? Any info? guesses?